Our Top 7 Favorite #CleanTok Accounts to Follow & Why
  1. @aurikatariina | 10 million followers
    • Why do we love Auri? She cleans peoples’ homes who can’t clean them themselves for free. These are hoarder’s homes, or people who can’t take care of themselves. Auri has a heart of gold, and every transformation is jaw dropping. One video even has 106.8 million views!
    • A video we love from Auri?

Every week I deep clean one home for free and today welcome to Ryan’s home 🥰

♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

This shocking transformation video has over 16 million views, and for good reason too! Auri cleans peoples’ homes for free when they need help, and she does so with an infectiously positive attitude. From one house cleaner to another, thank you for all you do to give us a good name, Auri!

2. @nottheworstcleaner | 5.6 million followers

  • Why do we love Brogan? Brogan’s bio proudly states she is “teaching the correlation between mental health & cleaning!” Like Auri, she also cleans peoples’ homes without judgment and for free. What a saint! And these homes are no small feat – We’re talking moldy food in the fridge, scraping scum off counters, and piles upon piles of garbage. The world could use more people like Brogan who take the time to help others in such an impactful and loving way.

  • A video we love from Brogan?

Update on the most recent free cleaning for the older gentleman! Im back to continue tomorrow to deep clean the oven and scrub the floors then start cleanings on the bathroom and bedroom ❤️ #cleantok

♬ original sound – Not the Worst Cleaner

Not only does this video have 13.4 million views, but it is also a beautiful reminder that sharing the gift of a clean home as professional house cleaners can completely change someone’s quality of life and self-worth for the better. Way to go, Brogan!

3. @nowitsclean | 1.8 million followers

  • Why do we love Lori? Looking for cleaning hacks? Or a 30-day spring cleaning challenge perhaps? Lori is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cleaning on a budget. Her easy to follow step-by-step cleaning videos are educational, personable, and make us want to get up and clean!
  • A video we love from Lori?
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a clean home. This video is just one example of the hacks Lori teaches on her TikTok that will save you a lot of time or money!

4. @cleanwithnessa | 3.9 million followers

  • Why we love Nessa? If you have kids, you know the struggle of balancing fun and delightfully messy childhoods while trying to keep a clean and orderly home! Nessa is an OG #CleanTok queen who keeps it real with her day-in-the-life videos about being a mom to two daughters. Her well-designed TikTok feed is all about morning cleaning vlogs with two kids, Sunday resets, house restocking ASMR, and even some funny videos with her husband about just trying to survive being a parent!

  • A video we love from Nessa?

A whopping 48.2 million views, this ASMR sink cleaning video is one satisfying example of Nessa’s cleaning content!

5. @briannaancheta | 4.2 million followers

  • Why we love Brianna? Brianna is the queen of cleaning hacks, aesthetically pleasing storage, stocking her home for guests, and showing you products you never knew you needed! If you like pantry organization, satisfying fridge restocks, and finding new smart gadgets to help you keep a clean home, Brianna is the follow for you!

  • A video we love from Brianna?

Join over 11.2 million other people in watching how Brianna organizes all of her cleaning products under her kitchen sink. We wish our cleaning supplies were this organized!

6. @momthatlovestoclean | 2.4 million followers

  • Why we love Danielle? The self-proclaimed mopping queen, Danielle knows all the cleaning tips and tricks from homemade concoctions for removing hard-to-clean stains, to tackling deep cleaning pet messes, to trying and rating viral TikTok cleaning hacks. Danielle is a great follow if you are looking for tried and true cleaning tips. She even has some eBooks with beautiful artwork if you’re cleaning obsessed like her!

  • A video we love from Danielle?

Did you know you should be periodically washing your walls, especially if you have children or pets? In this video, Danielle reminds 8.6 million viewers just how dirty your walls and other less frequently cleaned surfaces can get!

7. @_catben_ | 12.2 million followers

  • Why we love Catherine? We could watch Catherine’s videos for hours – her beautifully decorated home, her ASMR laundry videos, car cleanings, and cleaning resets are all like effortlessly directed masterpieces! From cleaning to organization to lifestyle, Catherine is a satisfying follow.

  • A video we love from Catherine?
Of course Catherine already has a beautiful bathroom, but this cleaning video was very soothing!

We hope these TikTok accounts gave you some motivation to get up and get cleaning!

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