When to Say “No!”

There is an internal indicator from our gut that tells our brains to say “No!” Many of us have learned the hard way that a simple “no” would have been a much better and more honest decision than “yes!”

In the cleaning industry we are faced with many different scenarios that can be very difficult to navigate through. Sometimes it is difficult to say no to our customers when they make an unreasonable request or put us in an uncomfortable situation because we want them to be happy. For example, these are real experiences I have had as a cleaning business owner:

1. The client hired us, we started, and we quickly realized they had aggressive dogs that they would not contain. Their younger children unfortunately took pleasure in releasing them and watching us scramble. That scenario was very scary for me and my staff, so the contract was abruptly terminated.

2. We arrived and realized that the home was being remodeled, so I had to remind the client that our special stated our services do not cover homes being remodeled! The customer argued with me that it’s not being remodeled, when I could clearly see areas taped off, and the house and windows all looked like powdered donuts.

It is very important that you speak up for your company and make others adhere to your policies. We all like to hear and say “yes,” but “no” is also a very important boundary. 

We have all been in situations that we thought ‘if only I had said no!’ In order to establish a positive reputation for your company in your community, be honest about what services your company offers to customers, and don’t agree to do things that are outside that scope of work. If you don’t clean blinds, say that you don’t. If you don’t do dishes, let your customers know that you don’t. This will build trust and respect with your customers, and keep you from having to tell them “no” down the road when it gets harder to do so.

You may not win the contract, but in the end you also won’t experience the stress that comes from conflicts with clients. It’s important to keep in mind that while your client may be in the wrong, they can still weaponize a bad review that could have a long-term effect on your company’s reputation. It’s best to get ahead of this by setting clear boundaries and expectations from the beginning.

I have had a few fails where in hindsight I should have said “no,” but I have said “yes” many more times. The “no’s” have helped me to set boundaries with clients and keep the operations of my company running smoothly (if there is such a thing). 

We all have made mistakes and they have proven to be my best teachers in business; it’s okay to make mistakes! They are just an opportunity to learn from them, adjust your behavior accordingly, and move forward. And remember, your Virtual Bid App community is always here to support you!

Now Go Take A Bite Out Of Grime!

Robin Crockett

CEO & Founder of Heaven Scent Home Cleaning & Virtual Bid App